L'Oréal India


Jean-Christophe Letellier Jean-Christophe Letellier
Managing Director, L’Oréal India
L'Oréal, the world leader in cosmetics, is synonymous with beauty, innovation and scientific excellence in more than 130 countries.

In India, we employ over 1,000 people across six sites including: four regional offices, a factory in Chakan, Pune and our headquarters in Mumbai. Our continuous commitment to research and development ensures we continue to deliver innovative, safe, high quality products to Indians.
Success starts with our people. Our people are our most precious asset - respect for people, their ideas and differences, is the only path to sustainable long-term growth. That's why we value individual talent over process and structure.

We embrace responsibility to our employees, our consumers, our environment and the communities in which we operate.

In India, we are proud to encourage scientific education for women through our Scholarship programme ‘For Young Women in Science’ in association with our global partners - UNESCO. Our programme ‘Hairdressers Against AIDS’ fights against ignorance about AIDS by training a network of hairdressers about AIDS prevention so they can pass the message on to the public. ‘Beautiful Beginnings’ provides training in beauty services to underprivileged women.

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