The Beauty industry has been identified as a high growth sector in India requiring new talent. The L’Oréal India Beautiful Beginnings programme was established in 2009 with the objective of  creating a livelihood by providing skill training to young women from disadvantaged sections of society who do not have an education to fall back on.

As a result, these girls either become employable in existing beauty salons or are able to set up their own beauty salons. They become economically secure and get more freedom to balance their family duties.

Number of girls trained till December 2014: 2400 women

Number of Centres in 2014: 12 centres

Percentage of girls placed:  80%

Curriculum: The 4 month course covers Personal Grooming, Hair Cuts, Colour, Care, Styling, Skin Care Facials, Threading, Waxing, Bleaching, Manicure & Pedicures and Salon Hygiene, along with a one month internship in a local neighborhood parlor. The courses are taught in dedicated centers with qualified trainers and the program provides all the necessary support young women need in their search for employment at the end of the curriculum.

Success Story: Meet Preeti, who after 8 years of marriage and was abandoned by her husband in the village. With no means to really support herself, she joined the Beautiful Beginnings training course at the Pune centre. The L’Oreal program gave her direction, and after completing her training she began working as freelancer and specialized in bridal makeup. She also provided make up services for the cast/models of a music album. Finally, she moved to Jaipur as a beauty trainer with Aide et Action and now she is back at the Pune centre, training young women like herself. Her monthly income is around INR 15000, this has allowed her to rent her own home and live independently.

Beautiful Beginnings is a very relevant project for India’s twin needs of generating employment and uplifting Women.