Pune factory has been consistently cultivating Citizenship by performing various social welfare activities in areas like Child Education, Health, Safety and Environment through its Project “CARE”.

Wind Energy Purchase:

Reiterating L’Oreal’s unswerving commitment to Sustainable development, L’Oréal India-Pune Factory moved to the use of Wind Energy for meeting its electricity needs. Today almost 70 % of our factory’s electricity needs are met by green power and this has helped us avoid emissions of almost 5200 Tons of carbon dioxide (per annum). We were also successful in getting the natural gas supply for our boilers. This project has helped us reduce about 550 tons of CO2 emission per annum.


Boiler on Natural Gas:

Our boilers were earlier run on Diesel. And the most eco-friendly alternative to diesel was Natural Gas. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any availability of Natural Gas in the vicinity of the Factory. So, L’Oreal took up this project and convinced the Natural Gas supplier to lay a 2 km Natural Gas pipeline up to the L’Oreal Premises and in January 2013 first successful operation of boiler with natural gas was done. This project has helped us reduce about 550 tons of CO2 emission per annum.


Vermiculture Plant:

After an extensive pilot study, a vermiculture plant was installed in the L'Oréal Pune factory in 2008. Around 10% of the ETP liquid sludge is treated in this plant. The manure generated here is biodegradable and is used to maintain and cultivate the landscape inside the factory. In 2009, it was also awarded ‘The best initiative for Environment’ – “Vermi Biofiltration Plant” by L’Oreal DGO.


LEED GOLD Certification:

Owing to various initiatives like these and others such as use of energy efficient equipments, soil and sedimentation control, maximum utilization of natural lighting, use of recycled contents in building material, application of low VOC paints we were certified as  LEED Gold rating. L’Oréal –Pune Factory is the first L’Oréal APAC plant to have got a LEED GOLD rating.