L’Oréal’s Management Trainee Programme is a special management development programme for young graduates. Designed to give participants best-in-class hands-on training, it is your passport to a successful career with us.

Every year, nearly 650 young graduates join L’Oréal’s management trainee programme. For 6 to 18 months (depending on the region), you will undertake several missions that will enable you to discover our business and various fields of expertise. Your tailor-made development track is guaranteed to give your career an excellent head-start. You will learn about our various posts and business models, build up your own network of contacts, discover our divisions, and gain an overview of L’Oréal, our culture and our working environment. In a word, you will gain an insight into, and understanding of, the world’s leading beauty group.

In some countries you may be assigned a mentor for the first few months to answer your questions and serve as your guide. Depending on your strengths and learning objectives, L'Oréal will give you an opportunity not only to use and hone your technical competencies, but also and as importantly, your life skills as well.