L’Oréal’s expertise in sales and distribution is recognised throughout the world. The sales teams are enthusiastic, open-minded and play a key part in the growth and success of the group’s brands.

Conquering new international markets is currently at the heart of L’Oréal’s ambitions. The group is a market leader present in all the distribution circuits and possesses unique expertise in terms of channels and retail outlets. Joining L’Oréal sales teams means using your energy and persuasive capacities to serve customer satisfaction and discovering a working environment that offers an abundance of career routes and opportunities.

Sales covers several vocations. It requires a certain customer expertise in order to represent L’Oréal to distributors, develop customer plans and manage negotiations with our partners. It includes a strategic aspect, drawing up brand strategies and sales strategies based on the results of consumer and customer surveys. Sales is also a function in which leadership is essential to encourage excellence in sales teams, establish the best possible interaction with the other group departments and develop employee talents. Lastly it is oriented towards performance by achieving sales objectives, developing market share and reinforcing the group’s brand image in the different distribution channels.