The culture and development of L’Oréal are based on creativity and a sense of beauty. The marketing teams live out these values on an everyday basis, a definite strength of the group.

L’Oréal has creativity in its DNA. The marketing teams are at the heart of the process, at the interface between all the group’s units of business. Their mission is to make consumers the world over aware of products designed to meet their needs and to be one step ahead of trends in order to transform them into sources of beauty and well-being. They are structured into two main tracks within the group: operational marketing and marketing development.

Joining the multicultural marketing teams means not only participating in the development and promotion of products worldwide but also working in an ultra-competitive sector that changes rapidly, a sector that sets the trends of the future. L’Oréal brands are aimed at a wide range of consumers and lifestyles, from mass distribution channels and modern beauty stores, to professional salons, and all the way to luxury boutiques in various countries. They continue to change the world’s market where the competition is very stiff and demanding. Lastly, the group is constantly marketing new products and frequently renovating its brands.

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